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The most important mission of Biggeorge Property Ltd. is the creation of buildings that fully satisfy the users’ needs and are not only of great quality but loveable at the same time.

Real Estate Developer

The company’s field of activity includes the development of commercial (office, hotel, retail, industrial/logistical) and residential real estates as well. In the course of the past years the company has gained siginificant experience in the field of plot development and the realization of infrastructural developments too. We are experienced developers of both commercial and logistical real estates, furthermore of residential and office buildings. Our strength besides the elaboration of effective concepts is the setup of creative financial structures and financing.

We are proud to make everyday living spaces even more comfortable for thousands of people with the help of our activities.

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Asset management

Not only the protection but also the expressed increasment of our developed and purchased buildings’ value is an important objective for us. Both with our renters and partners we are building long-lasting relationships on the foundations of mutual satisfaction’s value creating power.

Fund management

Our aim is to use our knowledge for the enlargement of our clients’ assets. Building on our experience on the real estate market we offer real estate investment products primarily for our institutional partners.

Facility management

Our effective and user-friendly management services are available in our own buildings and for our customers too. We perform our work with the faith in value creation arising out of technical progression.

An award-winning (Nívódíj) developer

Thanks to the company’s innovative, dynamic approach, great expertise and constant thriving for prefect details, it has been one of the most prominent participants of the local real estate market for a long time.

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The individual delivery dates of the projects, the terms of the delivery and other contractual terms are specified in the sale and purchase agreement. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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