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As one of the leading operators of the domestic real estate market, we design and create new buildings. In all cases, the end result – whether it’s a residential or office building, commercial or logistics project – consistently reflects our high professional standards and people-oriented approach.

Find out more about our new build residential developments. All the information you need on your home is listed on our website, whether you’re a new buyer or an existing client.

Biggeorge Property has been in the property development, investment and management business for over twenty years.

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Biggeorge Property

High-quality portfolio and solid financial background

Innovative, dynamic approach

Biggeorge Property Ltd. is one of the biggest real estate developer companies with Hungarian private ownership, and has been active in the field of real estate development, investment and operation for over 20 years.

An award-winning (nívódíj) developer

Thanks to the company’s innovative, dynamic approach, great expertise and constant thriving for prefect details, it has been one of the most prominent participants of the local real estate market for a long time.


Shops for sale and rent

Shops for sale and rent

Apart from the residents of the new apartments, the inhabitants of the housing estate and other condominiums in the project’s immediate surroundings represent a potential customer base.

Thanks to the development, the area offers a wide range of business opportunities.


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Are you interested in renting an apartment?

Are you interested in renting an apartment?

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Would you like to lease your apartment?

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* The discount price of the specific apartments participating in the promotion includes a 5% discount from the list price for Westside Garden, a 0-9.6% discount for Spirit Residence, a 0%-12.5% discount for Waterfront City III. , Waterfront City IV. rate 0%-17%, Szemesbay Resort and Silverbay Residence 4.1% discount during the discount period. The sale is at Spirit Residence, Westside Garden, Waterfront City III. phase, Waterfront City IV. phase, valid for Silverbay Residence and Szemesbay Resort apartments from November 29, 2023 until withdrawn. The offer does not include storage and parking spaces. There may be differences compared to the percentage discounts, as the apartment prices are rounded to HUF 10,000. Discounts are valid while stocks last, we reserve the right to make changes.

3 UrbanRent Holding Zrt., a member of the Biggeorge Group, undertakes to conclude a one-year rental contract with a fixed monthly rent, after the creation of the commonhold unit titles for the property and the full furnishing and equipping of the apartment. The tenant is responsible for paying the insurance premium and property tax, while other costs related to the lease of the property (e.g., common charges excluding the renovation fund, utility fees, cleaning, laundry, advertising, etc.) shall be borne by the tenant.
Upon request and payment of a fee, UrbanRent Holding Zrt. (UrbanRent Holding Ltd.) agrees to furnish the property.
This information is not exhaustive, and UrbanRent Holding Zrt. (UrbanRent Holding Ltd) reserves the right to make changes.

7 The offer may be used in relation to the apartments to be developed in the Béke Garden, Westside Grand, Újbuda Garden and Árnyas 40 Villa Suites projects, provided that a new registration contract is concluded by and between the seller and the buyer during the term of the offer and in respect of which a registration deposit of at least 10% of the gross purchase price is paid by the buyer to the bank account specified in the contract concluded with the seller. The remaining 90% instalment of the purchase price shall become due and payable in accordance with the schedule specified in the registration contract. The offer is valid from 12 February 2024 until withdrawal. This call shall not constitute an offer and shall not give rise to an obligation to conclude a contract. We reserve the right to make changes. The contents of this newsletter are for information purposes only. The images are illustrations, we reserve the right to make changes.

8 Pursuant to government decree no. 444/2021 (vii. 23.) On the tax refund subsidies related to the purchase of apartments built in action areas within brownfield areas, claimants specified in the government decree may reclaim the vat portion of the purchase price of apartments purchased in residential housing developments built in an action area within a brownfield area, in accordance with the conditions specified in the government decree. Contact our sales representatives for details.

The individual delivery dates of the projects, the terms of the delivery and other contractual terms are specified in the sale and purchase agreement. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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The information provided on the website is for information purposes only, whereas pictures are for illustration purposes only. We reserve the right to make changes.

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