Emerald Residence

Emerald Residence is a residential building and boutique hotel located in the heart of Budapest, in Petőfi Sándor Street situated in District 5.

This allows flat owners to enjoy the services provided by the hotel, including the 24-hour reception service, breakfast from the hotel, as well as cleaning and laundry services. The building located in the renovated Szervita Square, in the immediate vicinity of St. Anne’s Church, offers a unique location and also represents a previously non-existent category on the Hungarian market in terms of its architectural features, use of materials and services: the category of “Landmark” developments. The homes of Emerald Residence represent timeless style and lasting quality in one of the most beautiful capital cities of Europe. Along with the apartments, a number of commercial units – business premises – have also been established on the ground floor and 1st floor of the building. Floors 2-5 are general residential floors, while the upper 3 floors feature apartments with balconies.

The building was once home to the Inner City Telephone Centre, built on the site of the Saint Anne monastery, which belonged to the church of the same name, in the 1970s. One of the key notions of the concept is that the development uses architectural means to reference the historical connection between the two buildings through to the glass wall of the facade on Szervita Square. The completion of the building also led to the refurbishment of the surroundings of the church and the good news is that the building complex has been opened up to pedestrians coming from the direction of both Szervita Square and Városház Street: thanks to its inner passageway, visitors can walk around St. Anne’s Church. Additionally, the residential building is also highly accessible on foot or by car: Deák Square, a central hub of the capital with three metro lines as well as numerous bus and tram lines, is only a two-minute walk away and the site is only 10 minutes away from the Parliament, the Opera House and the Basilica.

Emerald Residence is a singular development, both in terms of its location and the quality of its design. It establishes a unique category on the market of the capital city and particularly, the downtown area, which is capable of satisfying even the most demanding target groups. There has been a great deal of interest in the investment not only within Hungary, but also in Europe and overseas. It even caught the attention of the Financial Times. The unique interior design solutions, the comprehensive hotel services as well as the distinctive location set this project apart from all other previous developments. The completion of the building has led to the renewal of the surroundings of the church as well as Szervita Square itself. The inner passageway featuring cafés and shops allows visitors to walk around the church, offering a unique experience for pedestrians and visitors alike.

Its architectural concept is also noteworthy: during the planning phase, the primary consideration was to preserve the harmonious development of the space through the application of long-lasting architectural solutions that go together well. The concept respects the priority of the church and is based on the legacy of the past, while the glass wall between the two buildings indicates the harmonious ties between old and new, past and future.

Emerald Residence is more than just a residential building: it is a complex encompassing a newly-built exclusive boutique hotel, offering a wider range of services for the convenience of residents.

Handover 2020
Number of apartments 106


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