Emerald Residence


Being built in the heart of Budapest, on Petőfi Sándor Street, Emerald Residence is at once a residential building and a boutique hotel. This lets flat owners enjoy even the advantages of the hotel’s services such as 24/7 reception, breakfast, cleaning, laundry and valet parking. Situated on the renascent Szervita Square, right next to St. Anne’s Church, the building does not only offer outstanding location, but with its architecture, materials and services it also creates its own, formerly nonexistent ‘Landmark’ category on the Hungarian residential developments’ market.
The homes in Emerald Residence offer timeless style of lasting quality in one of the most stunning capitals of Europe. Besides the apartments, on the ground and first floors retail spaces – shops – will be created, too. Generic residential premises will occupy the 2nd to 5th floors; while on the top three levels apartments with balconies will also be available.

The building used to serve as the home of the Downtown Telephone Exchange Center, which was built in the ‘70s, on the grounds of the former Servite monastery that once belonged to St. Anne’s Church. An important basic concept of the investment is to revive the historical relationship between the buildings with architectural solutions, through the glass wall on the facade looking over Szervita Square. With the completion of the building even the environment of the church will be renewed, and the best news is that thanks to its inner passage the complex will be open for pedestrians both from the directions of Szervita Square and Városház Street, thus making it possible to take a walk around St. Anne’s Church, too.
Besides these, the residential building is easily approachable both by car or foot: a two-minute walk can take one to Deák Square, the center of three underground lines along with numerous bus and tram lines of the capital, while the Parliament, the Opera House and St. Stephen’s Basilica are all within a ten-minute distance.
Emerald Residence is more than just a residential building: a complex created at once with an exclusive, new build boutique hotel and a wide range of services fulfilling the future habitants’ needs:

Hotel and restaurant service
Shops and food bars on the ground and 1st floors
24/7 reception
Hotel breakfast
Valet Parking

Emerald Residence is a one of a kind investment considering both its location and construction quality. It creates an exclusive category on the capital’s and even the city center’s real estate market, living up to the highest expectations of an audience with a refined taste. The development is sought after not only within the country or Europe, but overseas as well, which has drawn the attention even of Financial Times.

Unique interior design solutions, extensive hotel services and outstanding location differentiate the project from any previous developments. With the completion of the building both the environment of the church and Szervita Square will be renewed. Embellished with cafés and stores, the inner passage will provide access to walk around the church, offering a new experience to visitors and people passing by.
The architectural concept too, deserves our attention: one of the main focuses during the design was the maintenance of the square’s harmonic built-up density, using lasting and elegant architectural solutions in its realization. This approach respects the primacy of the church, builds on its historical heritage and with the glass wall between the two buildings it symbolizes the link between the old and the new, the past and the future.


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